Hello readers,

I have not been posting much in here, specially since I decided to dedicate some time to my thesis. I’m on the final stages of it and I really need to deliver it well.

Nevertheless, after release times, it is usually something much slower. However, I have got two news for you:
1. Some people have mentioned their interest in participating in the Wiki re-design. Recently, I’ve made small adjustments in the Boot Options page, where a few things have changed throughout time. Well, I did nothing on the technical bits, just improved the information’s usefulness and easiness to read. I also took care of integrating it with the Lubuntu Wiki. Thank you Nio for taking care of the technical side of things and pointing out what needed/should be changed. And thank you for volunteering to help checking dead pages, dead links, outdated ones and so on and so forth. By the way, this task was a great way to check out that most content is really out-of-date and needs some time.
I am expecting to find some time whenever I finish the dissertation to dedicate myself to this. In the meantime, I am thinking of a way to do this in a easy way and not confusing one. The difficult, hard, rough challenge…

2. This is not happy news, actually. As mentioned in the previous article, I emailed all distributions about the conference idea I had and got no answers. No insults, no rejections, no positive, no feedback, no nothing. In a way, that’s very sad. I actually put some time on that, so I was expecting some feedback, even if it was some sort of disapproval. I know people tend to say “don’t ask, do” but, in this case, it is very crucial to find everyone’s support. Merging strengths here is pretty important, if we wish to deliver something with great quality and great utility. But, I’ll keep waiting and, in the worst case scenario, I’ll have to talk to the Lubuntu admin team and see if we can organize something on our own. Maybe if we have some things running, people will eventually feel interested and, thus, motivated to participate in the project.

I’m not sure when I’ll be posting soon, since I’m trying to be pretty focused and free for my thesis. If any major change comes up and it needs my help, I’ll sure post it here.

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva