So, after the Summit, a great idea has come up with the Lubuntu fellows.
Now it is time to spread the word!

My first move was to mail every “devel” list, so that the main contributors of the flavors could read about the idea and, if they are interested, get in touch with me to proceed with it.

I’m pretty sure you have no idea what I am talking about, so before jumping to the idea itself, I should give a short background story:

Before the summit, me and the guys at the Lubuntu teams were discussing how could we increase the incentives of contributors to, simply, stick around. We are volunteers and sometimes people feel needless, or as if they do not belong. Unfortunately, that is a wrong thought. But, in any case, I feel there is a huge misconception about the open source world: That it is for developers only, or only developers (IT guys, simply put). Well, once again, wrong. But, nevertheless, and also in order to allow people to enjoy their experience even more, we came up with a plan that will make all communities more interactive:

The Show & Tell: Open Source Online Conferences (or ST: OSOC)
Can you imagine a day/week per month, where people from the community would provide you excellent insights about new approaches to technology? Well, this is it.
In S&T: OSOC you have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic people about open source technology that are willing to share their abilities with everyone. You also have the opportunity to share some of your own knowledge! And, of course, this is the right opportunity to discuss precise topics with the right people.
We will have different kinds of sessions, with different purposes, but all of them will contribute to a better community, a more integrated one, more united, more keen on and fascinated with open source technology.

This project is under heavy development. It is crucial to merge all flavours’ interests and, if they are interested, then we can proceed to pitch, test and organize this idea more appropriately. For the time being, it is just scratches and notes I wrote here and there, so it needs a huge load of refinement. Having everyone on the same board will accelerate the project. It will also make the entire experience more pleasant, since this is something huge that needs experience, knowledge and contacts. You know, reaching the right people is very important.

Well, I am happy for this. People accepted this idea very well and they have supported me immediately after the Lubuntu Community Session. I wanted to share this to get the idea out there and also to let you know we are looking for contributors. Find me on irc or email me to let me know about your interest. You’ll soon be forwarded to the right people!

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva