It has been a terrific week.
Last week, we were preparing everything to present at the UOS 15.05 and that was the only thing that was actually delivered – and with great success.

I’m sorry I couldn’t attend all the meetings I was expecting to go, and I even miss the Transparência Hackday. It would be a great opportunity to show the ideas to everyone in various meetings, but it was not possible to go to them.
However, I could not miss the Lubuntu meeting by any chance, since it was something me and Walter (wxl) were organizing, so it didn’t make any sense to miss that. Fortunately, my personal life schedules did not cause any trouble and, therefore, I was able to expose all my ideas to the Lubuntu team leaders.

It was great, since I got feedback for my ideas and I was able to improve them. Of course, we also discussed some other important issues such as finding a new team leader for the Communications team, and the entire meeting was very neat, pleasant and interesting to participate. Oh man, I’m really sorry I couldn’t attend the other two.
To summarize this post, I must say that gigantic projects are under way and, hopefully, will improve the participation in these communities. Also, in my Ubuntu Membership meeting, in which I was approved (yey!!), everyone was very excited and supportive about them. Therefore, it was very joyful to check that many support, specially when a lot of people were interested in participating in a convergence methodology to improve the entire experience.

I decided to make this post anyway since, even though it is not entirely related to my team, it is here to show the readers that contributing to the open source world does not mean to solely to engage on your affairs. You have to search for new members (and yes, I’m happy to announce that I found some more guys interested in contributing to the Wiki & Documentation of Lubuntu), you have to seek for more methodologies to engage them and raise the incentives for them to stay around and keep improving the open source world. Eventually they will take the lead, so I need to train them, educate them in the right way and they will, eventually, feel as passionate as I do.

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva