Hello, everyone.

Regularly, the community organizes some Online Summits, where everyone can join and debate a specific topic. This time, I will organize one session, even though I will participate in two other sessions.

The approach is very interesting, even though time is limited. In a 55 minute session, the participants can adequate their interests to a given session.
Everything I want to say is about my previous post, which I already confirmed with other teams from Lubuntu and they ensured me that this situation is happening to all other distributions. Therefore, it makes sense to bring this up to discussion in this Summit, since a lot of people will be attending these meetings, as well as people from other distributions. It is the perfect time to seek for help and join forces, ideas and concepts. How can we change the current course of contributors is the main topic, even though it actually is way more complex that just changing that. We will need to change people’s perceptions of open source technologies, as well as creating some incentives for people to stick around.

But I don’t want to leak information here. Besides, I have to be very careful about my approach on those meetings. I really want to expose my ideas, but I don’t want to sound too offensive or too critical. Even if I do, at least I’m being constructive, in a way that I’m criticizing things but I am proposing new ideas too. Check below the meetings I am attending to and, if you’d like, please attend them:

I am looking forward for these meetings. They will be super exciting for sure. Hope to see some of my (few) readers there! 🙂

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva