Hi all,

One of the things that I most wanted to do for Lubuntu was to create the distribution manual, a similar PDF file as the Ubuntu Manual, whereas one can find several different instructions to get things running normally with Lubuntu. However, setting this thing up has not been an easy task. That is why I decided to post this here.

Initially, I was convinced that I would have to write everything by myself, but at least I had Ubuntu’s version to get some inspiration. Eventually, I’ve crossed over Ubuntu’s Launchpad page , where I observed how they do their Manual. So my first thought was… What the hell is this? Why is this used?
But, one can easily understand why this type of setting is very important, specially when we are collaborating in a worldwide basis. Creating a single .TeX file would make it tougher to collaborate simultaneously, while we would have to have it hosted somewhere. Well, there are many other reasons, but they all lead to the same result: It is not beneficial to the project. Hence, I had to come up with something similar to the Lubuntu’s version.

Launchpad contemplates a neat integration with Bazaar, even though that tool is not as powerful as GitHub. Oh damn, Git is pretty cool. Well, the effects are the same, but I really didn’t like Bazaar. However, in order to properly contribute to the open source community, I had to opt for Bazaar (bzr). Bzr allows one to contribute to another branch if need, while Github wouldn’t. Nevertheless, the baby is born. The project is also hosted on Github, just in case. Here’s how it should look like:


This setup is divided into different sections, where each folder contains its section, in a TeX file. This is way more scalable than my initial idea. As long as I don’t delete the project, anyone can collaborate. And I assume I can delegate my owner’s rights to someone else, if I eventually cannot contribute to the project any more. This is not a final version. This is a very raw draft. Oh, and of course that the GitHub project will be simultaneously updated as well, in case anyone from GitHub decides to contribute.

Even though this is not a priority task, it is something that will take a while to do – hence, I need help. But I am super excited and happy for this. Finally overcame my “fear” of GitHub and similar platforms, and also learnt new things, thanks to this. How great can that be?

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva