Hello everyone,

Again, it has been a long time since I last posted something here. Well, and unfortunately again, there has not been much to talk about. Only bad things.
Therefore, this post will be dedicated to explain certain things and a recap of everything that has happened over the past 2-3 months.

In regard to Lubuntu’s Wiki, I am still the team leader and I am still collaborating for that. The release is coming and everything is prepared. There is major decision to be made, but that will cause more changes on other teams. Rest assured, that will not cause this team to collapse.
But, good thing that I have already prepared the release. The only thing that is left to do is actually converting all draft pages to official ones. So I got that running for this team.

However, doing this job alone has costed me a lot of time and I haven’t managed to do everything I wish I could have done so far. There is a lot of things that I’d like to do for Lubuntu. For instance, the creation of the official Lubuntu Manual[1], but that requires a huge load of time. It is a long-lasting task, indeed, and I will definitely start doing it after the release. Hopefully my RL will allow me such thing.

In regard to the blog itself, I think I will also start talking about my contribution to Phonebloks, something that start in the end of last year. I found out about Phonebloks in its early beginnings but never got the chance to actually meet the guys. Well, I finally managed to reach them and succeeded to get involved.
Phonebloks is an intermediate between the electronic industry and consumers. We do not want to build phones or any sort of hardware. Instead, we are trying to inspire all firms that are producing these type of hardware to go modular, a concept introduced by Dave Hakkens, the founder of Phonebloks. There is a lot you can learn about the concept, idea and what we are doing in the website. You can even participate in our community, if you are interested!

Why can this be relevant to the blog? Well, even though I am not leading a team in this case, it also involves a non-profit project. It also has a huge load of different challenges that could be “easily” surpassed if we had a different set of resources. Our motivation here comes from the heart and desire to see this concept actually working and in place. It has evolved significantly since 2013, when Dave posted the first ever video about it.[2]

My work here is to take care of any partner-related issue and keep finding more. This role is indeed necessary for Phonebloks, since our mission is to inspire the industry, and what better than getting them closer to us, as partners? In fact, our partners have immediate feedback from possible-clients, since we have both sides of the market within our range. That is what we do.
But, you are already imagining how hard this is. This type of R&D investments has a lot of implications for huge corporations. Of course they do not accept this partners idea that easily and most of the times they are just developing things on their own. But we keep trying. We actually are trying several strategies to reach them and I am thinking about changing the way that companies can get involved with us, making things more appealing to them.

But, this is something that I will keep mentioning about in a (preferable) short future.

See you soon,

[1] – A similar document to the Ubuntu Official Manual.
[2] – And you should see the the first year video as well.

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva