So, it has been a (very) long time since I last posted something on this blog, in regard to these two affairs.  Well, there is two reasons to explain such: First, haven’t got much time, to be honest. Secondly, there has not been much going on, unfortunately.

However, I have got some things to mention. In regard to Lubuntu’s Wiki, we were able to deliver a small restructuring of its pages map. We also created some internal pages, where teams can now create their own drafts or even just drop information for later use.
This idea came up while we were dealing with a point release. First of all, we needed to create a step-by-step to-do list for this team, which I did, based on what was needed to be done for this release. Then I have realized it was useful if teams could have their information ready. This would allow us to simply organize information more appropriately. It was a positive month for us. Now we are waiting patiently for the next release, on April. Oh yes, that will be extremely tough, specially when we lack human resources and some of the guys already mentioned they will not be around!!

Things haven’t been so bright in Open Economics. It was not easy to find some projects to get it running again and we are still lacking people’s activity. It is crucial to do so if we ever want to get more people involved. Nobody will fill enthusiasm to get involved in something that doesn’t work, right?
After losing a potential project due to lack of people, I allowed everyone to pick a topic. It seems the Oil Industry is something they are keen on, thus we moved forward. Once again, it was not easy to schedule a meeting, and people forced me to just say a time/date. Hence, we had 3 people around. However, it was highly productive! We managed to explore what we wanted to do and what could we do, always considering the resources we have – proper management, oh yeah!
So, we basically have everything set up, but we need people (again) to run it. But I am not too concerned with that. It is an exploratory analysis and I am sure we will be able to do something more with it than what was planned. On the other hand, there were some internal issues that were bothering me severely. I finally got access to the mailing list, but nobody was able to send anything to the list because they forgot to give me the password – and it took them almost a week to give it to me.

To summarize, motivating people is a very exciting, but extremely difficult challenge. Without having the main motivator to play with (money), things get even harder and that reflects people’s attitude and posture towards doing something for free.
Hopefully things will run smoother in the next couple of weeks. And that will allow me to post more updates frequently, something that I really want to do.

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva