A week has passed by and most of the next release needs are done.

For now, of course. On the release day, what we need to do is to pass on our drafts to the official page. Currently, we use a simple system of adding a +1 or DRAFT after the page’s URL and then we simply prepare all links and information to the following release/update. Later, we need to make these pages official – Therefore, we just replace the content and remove those +1 pages.

However, one of my intentions was to rebuild our Wiki structure, in order to make it more readable, easy to use and useful, either for power users, or new comers. That is what is next, and the huge challenge. It consists of designing our current structure, either on paper or using other tools (I’m aiming at you, Google Drawings) just to have an idea. Later, we must think of its structure and how can we improve it. After the release, we will then proceed to rebuild our structure as the group decides. Of course, all these discussions will proceed to our Launchpad page and our mailing list. It will probably go to our Mailing List because it makes the job easier. I will leave the Launchpad page to coordinate the group’s efforts to make it happen.

I decided to post this article here because this is part of leading such team. The purpose of the blog is not to make it my personal diary about both of these projects, but also to create a repository of a leader’s thoughts, in open-source/nonprofit projects. These are tasks that may not occur frequently too. In my opinion, leading these type of projects is quite challenging and, thus, it makes sense to have someone reporting his/her experience, making it educational for someone else.

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva