After a couple of days waiting for the final approvals and preparations to get some stuff back running, I got the great notice that it was finally happening!

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my intentions was to coordinate this group more effectively and also make it more exciting for newcomers. That was my first task – Create guidelines and post some of the most important to-dos for now. The to-dos are mainly focused in our next release in April and some of the major corrections in our Wiki (mainly seeking for types, spellings, things out-of-place or outdated, and even broken links).

After the release in April (or in the meantime, if the workload allows it), I’ll post some important structure changes in our Wiki Map, in order to (try to) make it more readable, useful, and more effective, either for power users, ourselves, and new people that are only seeking for information.

The main principle behind this document is to show people what are our priorities. This is crucial if we want to coordinate our efforts. It also contemplates a couple of informative notes like “how to edit” or “how to create” blueprints, which are an important tool to get us aware of what is going on.

I have also included a brief paragraph to remind everyone what are our guiding standards. It includes that our wiki should look simple, informative, as short as possible, up-to-date and should go direct to the point. I have come across some edits that definitely were not following these rules.

For now, the team must focus on getting everything sorted out to the release launch. It is crucial to get every page prepared to receive the updated information in regard to the new version and also to have everything sorted out in order to archive the future-older version.  that is a priority. And I’m happy to understand that a lot of people are getting their hands into business in regard to the release!

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva