Hi all,

This first blog post is going to briefly explain my so-far experience leading this team and why is this an important team in the development of the available information of Lubuntu.

The former group leader (well, he still is, he didn’t disappear – we gathered forces together to lead the group) has been busy with his life and he has not much free time. Nevertheless, when Walter (wxl) approached me, he told me some things that he would like to implement. I made those my goals to lead and improve this work group. It will require a lot of time and it is a long-run process, but I really hope to create awareness about this group, since its job is crucial to the outside world and other inner groups. Some people think this group is a boring one that only edits wiki pages. However, that is not what it only does. Updating Wikis is just a small part of the plan.

The function of this group is to keep all the information available about our cause updated – in this case, Lubuntu – and also to help others to keep their information organized. For instance, in a release phase, there’s a lot of document preparation that developers can not handle themselves since they are busy working on the new features of a given release. But we do not work internally only. Most of the information available (and useful) for these communities relies on Wiki pages. Knowing how to manipulate them and making them easy to interact with, is our job. This way, newcomers can easily find the information they are looking for. That is why I suggested this edit to our wiki land page and why I created this post recently. The latest summarizes a load of information available on our wiki in regard to the structure of our teams and subteams. It will also help us implement Find-a-task tool, which makes life easier for new people that are interested in getting involved. Besides, Find-a-Task is a bloody slick tool!

The official liftoff will be some time around this week, after I gain access to the Launchpad page of my team. Personally, it feels important since it will help me to organize everything in the blueprints section. I also want to let everybody knows what is going on and what can they do.

I will create another post to update you all after I get in position. I already have some drafts on important stuff I wish to implement (Like general guidelines, for instance) and that is something I would like to share with you. There are some important things to mention about them – including which rules I followed, and why they are the way they are.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading.
Gustavo Silva